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Reasons to Work IV & Injections into Your Lifestyle and Schedule

With the new year, everyone is trying to making healthy changes to their lifestyle. One way to do that is by incorporating IV’s and injections into your resolutions or lifestyle improvements. By partnering with Restorative Care AZ, we now offer a variety of IV’s and injections alongside cryotherapy. IV’s are $125, and we offer Meyer’s Cocktail, Immune Boost, The Energy, and The Night Out. All of these assist in improving lifestyle whether it is through recovery, immune support, or relief from chronic issues. Additionally, at $25-$35, we offer B12 Vitamin (and Vitamin B Complex), Fat Burner (also available with B12), and Cold Buster. IV’s take around 45 minutes for a session and injections take at most 10 minutes, and there are no downsides to incorporating these into your resolution and lifestyle changes!

Appointments available on Thursdays and Saturdays! Book now!

Local Cryo for Dogs: How It Works

We have started offering local cryotherapy for dogs in the office once a week now, but you may ask what the benefits are to doing it and how does it work? Just like with humans, the cold therapy assists in inflammation and pain management for dogs by stimulating the same increase of blood flow to the area to aid in healing. Additionally, it can help with hair loss and skin conditions for a dog, just like people. Assisting in improving the quality of life and reducing pain and discomfort for our companions can lead to a happier pet. Our appointments are easy. A short information form is completed followed by a quick consultation, and then local cryotherapy takes about 8 to 13 minutes depending on the size of dog and hair length. Local cryo for dogs is $75 per session. As we make resolutions and lifestyle changes with the new year, consider local cryo for your pet to improve their life too.

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