GLM Highlight in Health – Lumosity


Lumosity was chosen to be honored as one of our GLM Highlights in Health. Luminosity is considered a “Healthy Lifestyle” training program. It was designed by neurologists to give your brain a “work out” while improving your cognitive abilities. Lumosity training uses a series of fun and challenging games to exercise different parts of your mind. At the Lumosity Labs, they believe in helping people keep their brains challenged and agile. These professionals created a simple online tool to allow anyone to exercise core cognitive abilities. The users can customize their experience and track progress on a “brain profile”. Lumosity has taken this challenge to “train the brain” to the next level by turning it into a smartphone application. Over 60 million people already use Lumosity, and they are adding more cognitive activities each month. This is the web’s most popular brain training program with games that finally, can make you smarter! Our GLM team salutes this company’s honorable service in Neuroscience innovation and Cognitive Healthcare. To learn more about Lumosity, visit: