How can you make 2015 your best year ever? Simple, become a 10X Game Changer.

What is a 10X Game Changer? A person that goes BIG and I mean real BIG. You do know that it takes the same about of energy to think small as it does to think BIG right. I remember reading an article where Donald Trump the BIG TIME real estate developer and TV personality said “The same effort it takes to build a small hotel is the same effort it takes to build the BIG hotels I build, so I go BIG.”

I love what the great late Jim Rohn use to say. “It’s not that people aim to high and miss, it’s that they aim to low and hit.”

For 2015 to be your best year ever, you have to carry around a BIG BAG. What do I mean by carrying around a BIG BAG? You have to set…


Many times when I tell people about carrying a BIG BAG they get intimidated and want to shrink back to small goals. A lot of people tell me “What If I Don’t Accomplish My Big Audacious Goals?” The first thing I reply is “What If You Do!” We are so trained to gravitate to the negative and think failure first. But failure is not always bad.

Let’s say you wanted to get out of debt and you needed $50,000 to accomplish that goal. If you set a goal to earn an extra $50,000 but you only earned $25,000, you may have failed, but you are better off at $25,000 at this new number than before.

But let’s say you went BIG and decided to carry a BIG BAG and set a goal to earn $150,000 extra this year. And on December 31st 2015 you only managed to earn $90,000. You would be $40,000 over what you really needed.

See how setting BIG BOLD AUDACIOUS GOALS puts you in a better position.

This type of thinking will help you produce at higher levels in all areas of your life. Don’t just aim to lose weight, aim to live a heathier life, that’s a BIG BAG. Shoot to take 3 or 4 vacations this year, not just one. Aim for the Marathon, not just the 10k this year.

Each year professional athletes and teams, the ones that set BIG BAG’s for themselves, always shoot for the championship. I can tell a sub-par thinking coach or team when they say “Well we just hope to make it into the play-offs or have a good year.” That type of thinking will never get you to the top.

You hear people say things like:

  • I want to be REALISTIC.
  • I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself.
  • I don’t want to be disappointed.


When you think like this, notice where all the focus is. It’s in “I.” High achievers know once they set BIG Bold Audacious Goals, they can’t do it alone. They don’t focus on the HOW or themselves. They immediately start to focus on the WHO. Once you set Big Bold Audacious Goals you start looking for the team that can help you accomplish the goal. Build a team that helps you when the championship. You are the center piece, but you need the supporting cast members to help you reach the top.

Write down your Big Bold Audacious Goals. Make sure they are Clear, Concise and Concrete.



My Big Bold Audacious Goal is CLEAR when I can easily convey it to others. This is important because those you elicit to help need to understand your goals.


Your Big Bold Audacious Goals should be short and to the point. Easy to remember and repeat at will.


Your Big Bold Audacious Goals should have measurable time frames and achievement markers.


In 2015 and beyond you can’t afford to play small, think small or set small goals. We are living in a time where life is throwing out some big time obstacles. For you to hurdle over them, you need to take a BIG JUMP.

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This is the year you CRUSH it!!!


Dr. Will Moreland

Author of Copycat Millionaire

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