What is Freedom?

1897936_10202870354339583_5409241663139992614_n(Ultimately; it is in the experience of the journey that we heal ourselves, not in its analysis).

Each of us comes into this world carrying a package of as yet unrealized potential for energy, health, creativity and joy. Our physical, psychological and spiritual – potential that creates our uniqueness. The fullest expression of potential leads to the fullest experience of authentic freedom. All we need is a good healthy environment which allows our unfolding to take place.

Freedom is an experience unique to each of us. Yet its essence is universal. All freedom comes from within. Live free and you feel fully alive. Like taking a deep, spontaneous breath. Like laughter, Freedom is also full of surprises. There is a boldness to it. You dare to say what you think and feel, yet are not afraid to listen to the words and hearts of others who think differently. Living free brings with it a sense that you can trust yourself as well as the universe even though you may understand neither.

The freer you get the more self-determining your life becomes and the more exciting. Even when huge challenges arise, instead of appearing as crushing forces they turn into worthy opponents.

In an inner way to be free means becoming liberated from the relentless forces of doubt, self-criticism and fear which we all inherit growing up in emotional and educational environments which split our mind from our body and teach us not to trust ourselves. Once you reclaim authentic power and freedom and make them a part of your day-to-day existence, and once your vision of reality has widened enough, then you shall participate in bringing a world into being in a way that honors the highest potential in yourself.

You are on a journey of experiences. There is a far-reaching magic to your journey, Dieter. Its reverberations can echo way beyond the confines of your own life. For the freer you become – the more your outer life becomes an authentic expression of your soul. Each of us teaches what we most need to learn ourselves and creates what we most love.

Every experience of freedom brings with it a sense of being released from imprisonment – of being able; even for a short time, to respond to life spontaneously with the whole of your being. The greatest freedom comes in times when the part of that iceberg of your own being which lies submerged beneath the sea of mundane consciousness rises up to greet you with a vision of what is possible and the energy for you to bring it into being.

True freedom is as wild and trusting as we are at our core. It is living with your feet firmly planted on the earth as you stretch your arms towards heaven. Feeling free makes laughter rise up and spill over. But freedom is not just a sense of open-ended possibility. It is also an ease when you find yourself confronted by delays or restrictions. You feel pretty sure that you have the strength and support of the universe to do what you are trying to do and you know that all will unfold in the best way possible.

Authentic freedom brings a sense of ease in being who you are. It is feeling OK about yourself and being able to make use of your creative power to bring your unique visions into form. It is feeling good about what you have created too. Tap into freedom and you release energy. You feel like you are connected to life with your whole being. You are no longer trapped within a skin encapsulated ego! Freedom gives you easier access to the submerged iceberg of your being where creative power and joy live. Most of the time you feel unencumbered by your past, no longer constrained by other people’s ideas or pressures. You experience life from moment to moment and life is something you feel safe enough to risk living to the full.

“If you realize what the problem is – losing yourself, giving yourself to some higher end, or to another -you realize that this itself is the ultimate trial. When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness”. Joseph Campbell