The Power of Partnerships


“A Family Thing”

By Dr. Will Moreland

This month we focus on the “Power of Partnership.” I want to look at this strategic play from the stand point of building a strong family unit. I bet you are sitting on a gold mine and didn’t even know it!!!

When implemented wisely, your family can become your best ally to building wealth, enjoying a great quality of life and building a legacy.


Let’s look at the family dynamic. The family unit is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Having a great family unit can benefit you in numerous ways. It can provide structure and stability as well as safety. I have always thought about my family as a strong business entity. Coming together to conquer the world.

Living in Germany for over a decade really enforced this concept in my mind. The German Culture is very family oriented and gave me a great look into how families can work together as a team and win the championship of life.

When my Grandma died my natural family kind of lost its closeness. Grandma was the glue that held everything together. Maybe some of you can relate to this. Your family structure may not be the strongest right now, but you can change that and build a winning family unit!!!

After my Grandma died, I didn’t have a solid picture of a functioning family. It wasn’t horrible, I always knew there was love, but we didn’t operate as a cohesive unit.

It wasn’t until I moved thousands of miles away, far from family and friends did I come to know the “Power of Partnership” through the family. When I was stationed in Germany I learned quickly either you make friends fast or you will be one lonely camper.

While living in Germany my Army buddies became my family. Then I joined a church and they became my family. I begin to learn the importance of family even more as we began to bond. These relationships didn’t manifest over night, but over time I have been able to forge some strong family ties.

By building these relationships it made me want to draw closer to my natural family. As I said before, my natural family didn’t share a close bond, we loved each other, but it wasn’t as strong as it could be. The more I started to study the power of the family dynamic, the more I wanted to build this strong unit for my own family.

You may not be close to your natural family, but you still can build a strong family unit with friends you have become close with.


That’s what I did with my friends in Germany. I wanted family, I needed family and we are naturally designed to live as family on earth.


This new family unit has enhanced my life and bought me so much.

Now that my natural family is stronger, my extended family is like a cherry on top of a Sundae.


I encourage you to build a strong family unit. Whether you start with your natural family or a group of people you have grown close to. But this is not just about growing together for the sake of growing together. I want you to start thinking about what can you BUILD together.


I’m talking about investing as a family, owning as a family and creating a legacy as a family. Strong families build with the future in mind.


Think of the names Ford, Hilton and Walmart. These are family empires. That’s how I want you to think.


Here are 8 keys to building a strong family…


  1. Create a Family Vision
  2. Create a Family Mission Statement
  3. Set Yearly Family Goals
  4. Pray Together
  5. Invest Time Together
  6. Forgive Fast
  7. Show Love Often
  8. Have Fun Together


Begin to implement these 8 keys and you will be on your way to a strong family partnership that will be able to accomplish some great things.

At the end of the day, family and friends are our most important investments outside of ourselves. Empower your family to become great and do great things. If you are not close to your family yet, start with your close friends. Start with getting a vision for your friendship, how can you take advantage in a good way of the trust, care and love you have developed over the years?

Thinking in this way will help you to start seeing opportunities that you and your friends can benefit from that will help your individual families prosper and do better.

I know for me, my family and friends have benefiting from this thinking and we enjoy a high quality of life, because we think as a partnership wanting the whole to be better. Hope this helps you build a strong partnership.