Your Most PRODUCTIVE Year!



We are now in the year of 2015, I’d like to ask a question to anyone reading this who is still excited about having a great year: How do you plan to make it happen? This year, I challenged myself to live “My Most Productive Year” ever!

Many may think that this is a HUGE goal, but I beg to differ. When we strive to be our best and give our all in everything that we do, living our best and most productive year should come pretty easy. I believe doing your best daily, coupled with connecting to the best people, practices and principles enables you to be the most productive person you can possibly be.

You may say how can I live My Most Productive Year? I simply say decide to use what you have and maximize your efforts. If you are expecting to get more out of life, than you are going to have to put your focus and attention on what you desire. Shifting your mentality and the way you think is the first step. Stop looking back at what you accomplished last year as a comparison to what you will accomplish in 2015.

In order for 2015 to be your My Most Productive Year, you have to start fresh with a clean slate. You can’t allow your business, team or household to run your life. You are going to have to take CONTROL and start living the life and business you want and desire. Don’t be that person that is sitting on the sideline watching others accomplish their dreams and goals. Decide today that you are not going to make (New Year’s) resolutions or a bunch of to-do lists, but that you are going to make simple lifestyle changes. When you decide to make lifestyle changes, immediately the average way of thinking and doing things no longer work for you.

I am reminded of a time when I use to be that guy, helping everyone else and watching them succeed and placing my goals on the back burner. That may have been good for those that I helped, but it caused me to be ineffective, stagnate and honestly unproductive. I give you this example to help you focus!!!

Be aware and careful of spreading yourself to thin for the sake of extending a helping hand. Learn to PRIORITIZE your agenda. Make sure that you do not deviate from your goals. It is extremely easy to get distracted by being involved in to many things. LESS can be MORE!!!

Remember, busy is NOT the objective, productivity and efficiency are the target! You will need to establish a Productivity Management System (PMS) that will enable you to set, track and manage your productivity and time management from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter and eventually get you to the point where you are doing this from year-to-year. Is it POSSIBLE? Anything is possible once you put your mind to it. Honestly, it is going to take focused effort on your part. I call that work! With an open mind, a little discipline, prioritization, realistic goal setting, time management and flexibility, this will be a great start to your, My Most Productive Year!

Today and beyond, you can’t afford to procrastinate, be mediocre or settle for average. We are living in a society where complacency, average thinking and procrastination are becoming a way of life. It’s time to make a shift towards your My Most Productive Year. If you are ready to BE clear, KNOW exactly what you want and DO what it takes to get evidence & results in your life and business, you need to join me for my 5-week training called, “My Most Productive Year.” I’m going to walk you through how to perform with a productive state of mind; how to steer clear of distractions; how to produce from your place of passion and so much more. If you are tired of not accomplishing your goals, struggling in your business and not being able to enjoy the quality of life you deserve, then you need to join me. To learn more about this training and secure your limited spot, log onto:


This is your year to BE PRODUCTIVE!!!

Dr. Vernet A. Joseph

Author of Extreme Productivity

America’s #1 P3 Speaker & Strategist