What Comes to Mind When You Hear The Word: Success?

Houssam Makki picWhat Comes to Mind When You Hear The Word: Success?

By: Houssam Makki

Crown Life – Middle Eastern Division

Author / Speaker / Life & Leadership Coach


Success …we’re over 7 billion human beings on this planet, yet not everyone agrees on this term called success and what it means. In my journey of searching and asking about the definition of the word success, I was getting tons of answers and opinions about success; and what it should look like. What shocked me most is that there were people giving answers; but their record of succeeding in life was not a good example. Not because their number of successes was low, but because they either tried, failed, and then quit; or others who just heard of this term and talked from this perspective, but never tried even to put themselves in the game; thinking that success is only designed for some kind of people.

Now, I want to ask you about it, then share with you how I see it and describe it. I will start by asking you this question, what comes into your mind when you hear the word success or even when someone asks you what is it all about to be successful? Now, if you are looking to succeed in life and want people to look at you as one who is successful, you have to consider these questions; and ask them to yourself to be ready with the answers; because whatever answers are going to come to your mind, these will be the basis that you are going to build on your own recipe. Your very own principles that you will be living by to achieve more success; and also be able to help others by showing and leading them to it.

You see, every successful person has his or her own way to succeed at something. Why is that? It is because they prepared themselves to digest each and every experience they went through. Then, they tried many things to come up with a remarkable way of making it right –so that they could make it their mantra! Just look at what Thomas Edison did as a part of having belief, imagination and vision. I want to focus on how he not only came up with an invention; but he also “made it look easy” to create a light system. Edison spent very long hours to learn the best way of creating the lightbulb; and if you noticed what he said in his famous quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. That is right! He didn’t say that he failed or had not failed; he simply made it clear that he found ways.

What does that mean? This means that his success didn’t come by accident; and that there are basics and steps to follow in case of those who are going to develop the lighting system after him. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; but the upcoming generation will only have to develop their own principle of developing it; and make it more simplistic for those would come after them.

It maybe best at this point for me to use another example of how you can get an existing invention and put your own touch to simplify it for the future generation. Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci was an Italian inventor, born in 1808; and he is best known for developing a voice-communication apparatus which several sources credit as the first telephone. Then, Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847. He was a scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone.

My point is that success is universal. Anyone can succeed in whatever he or she is doing; but to make your success last forever, you may need to readjust what you know about it. Success is not a solo act and it’s not about playing alone. Now, you might like it that way; but just think about the examples that I have just shared. You will see that these people knew what they were doing; not in term of planning to succeed, but in building bases and principles to make their success last for decades. We call this in leadership “passing the baton.” Success should never be your goal; simply because success is the result of what you are doing, or let me say of what you are thinking; because everything begins with our mentality.

Think of this very simple equation: Think + Action = Result. If you think positive and envision your achievements, this will lead to your actions that will get you to the result of being a success; so start looking at your situation right now and ask yourself: Is this the result I want? If not, then change the way you think; and if the answer was yes, then start thinking of building bases and principles so you can walk, talk and become a true success.

Houssam Makki

Crown Life – Middle East Division

Author / Speaker / Life & Leadership Coach