Sony Sells 18.5 Million PS4’s Since Launch









Sony has announced that it has sold 4.1 million PS4 systems through the holiday season. Despite Sony’s woes in their non-gaming consumer electronics divisions along with the recent cyber attacks against its movie division, Sony announced through January 4th, they have sold more than 18.5 million PS4’s through to consumers.

Getting off to a record start and maintaining a commanding marketshare lead over the Xbox One, the PS4’s $399 price point which was $100 less than the Xbox One allowed Sony to leverage an increasing lead. Not until Microsoft lowered the price point $50 below the PS4 along with offering some impressive holiday bundles, did the Xbox One actually outsell the PS4 during the month of November. However, as of this week Microsoft has returned the Xbox One price tag back to its original asking price.

Sony has also revealed they have sold 81.8 million copies of PS4 software through January 4, which includes the 17.8 million titles sold during the holidays. Sony also revealed that their Playstation Plus memberships which were sitting at around 7.9 million users in October has since been increased to 10.9 million. Derrick Smith Editor-In-Chief GAMEINSIDER – The Magazine Thevolution Network, LLC