Xbox One Back Up To $399







Xbox One Back Up To $399 and $499 w/Kinect, Will This Price
Increase Work Against Microsoft As Before?

It is no secret Microsoft and the Xbox One had a most difficult climb in
beating Sony’s PS4 as the most popular next-generation gaming console for
the majority of 2014. In fact, throughout the year the PS4 outsold the
Xbox One worldwide for 10 consecutive months and yes worldwide also means
in the US. Nevertheless, upon Microsoft making the decision to slash the
price of the Xbox One by $50, along with the addition of some of the years
most attractive bundled deals and this initiative truly worked wonders for
Microsoft. Microsoft moved more than 700,000 Xbox Ones during the Black
Friday weekend, concluding the month of November as the best selling
console, finally outselling the PS4 by a sizable margin.

Despite Microsoft’s promise that the Xbox One price reduction was for a
limited time, the Xbox One momentum never looking so bright and so we
began questioning whether Microsoft would return the Xbox One price point
back to $499 with Kinect and $399 without Kinect. Of course, our
insatiable gaming needs would beg Microsoft to change their tune and keep
in stride with their aggressive gaming holiday angles. Despite their
holiday success Microsoft has returned the system back the original asking

Could the holiday momentum carry the Xbox One past the competition for the
duration of the first quarter of 2015 or will the sales slump return once
again now that the price has been increased? Looking ahead the PS4 does
have a few attractive console exclusive titles on the horizon launching
during Qtr 1 that could hurt Xbox One’s momentum in the form of Grim
Fandango, Planetside 2, The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne.

Though November saw the Xbox One eclipse the PS4 thanks in large part to
the price cut, if the first 10 months of 2014 are any indication of where
this could go, Microsoft might just be keeping their finger close to the
permanent price cut trigger.

Derrick Smith
GAMEINSIDER – The Magazine
Thevolution Network, LLC