“GLM 40” Highlight in Business and Finance: John Hancock Investments

Our GLM staff have selected John Hancock Investments as a honorable highlight in the area of Business & Finance. Navigating the challenges of today’s markets requires unique talents and expertise on a global scale. That’s why John Hancock Investments spent the past three decades building an unrivaled network of specialized asset managers, backed by some of the most rigorous investment oversight in the industry. The result is a diverse lineup of time-tested investments from one of America’s most trusted brands. They scour the globe for the best portfolio teams to manage their funds and then hold them to some of the industry’s toughest standards for risk and performance. They are voted the #1 provider of multi-manager investments by financial advisors. We are proud to recognize John Hancock Investments in the area of Business & Finance in our 2018 “GLM 40” Highlights Edition!

Website:  https://www.jhinvestments.com/