Let’s Talk: Dr. Clyde Rivers

Honorary Ambassador Clyde Rivers

Let’s Talk: Dr. Clyde Rivers by Coach Tony Branch

In life, we see or meet people who are true “Game Changers” and you wonder “is he for real.” Well, ladies & gentlemen, Dr. Clyde Rivers is as real as real can get. It’s an honor for me to introduce him to the readers & followers of Gigare Lifestyle Magazine.

Dr. Clyde Rivers grew up in Victorville, California and was affectionately known as “Scooty” to his friends & family. A young man once labeled as “Special Ed” in school, he grew to love the game of basketball. Dr. Rivers became a player that colleges started to take notice of and he soon obtained a basketball scholarship to the University of Utah. Dr. Rivers spoke of the love he has for his university and the lessons he learned there that changed his life. Some of Dr. Rivers favorite college basketball memories were playing against the likes of Michael Jordan, Thurl Bailey, and Hakeem Olajuwon just to name a few.

I was fortune enough to hear the Founder & President of “I Change Nations” speak about his concept of the “Golden Rule” this past Spring during the launch of the “World Civility Day” on April 14th, 2016. This unique movement of Peace was launched during the one-year anniversary of the “Community Civility Counts Initiative” started in Gary Indiana by Mr. Chuck Hughes & Dr. Gordon Bradshaw. The initiative has a strong partnership with the Gary Chamber of Commerce and the Times Media Company with public safety in mind.

I Change Nations is a professional institution that builds “Statesmen” by equipping and mentoring highly esteemed individuals, who truly desire to change their communities throughout the world. This great organization has already recognized certain individuals across the country, and the world, that has done these things. These recognized individuals bring Peace & Education where it is truly needed in their communities. I Change Nations’ Golden Rule is to support the process of improving the Dignity and Betterment of Human Life, while building nations.

Dr. Rivers International platform focuses on establishing effective relationships, and ways to help people understand the value of honor and basic human rights. Dr. Rivers is known as the “World Peace Ambassador” Representative that teaches World Leaders about his “Golden Rule” movement, an Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative. Recognized by the United Nations in New York City, the North American Division, Dr. Clyde Rivers “Golden Rule Award” is now established in 120 Nations of the world, who are currently living by the Golden Rule daily. This unique award has been given to World Leaders, including the former President Of Ethiopia Mr. Girma Wolde and peace activist Ambassador Mussie Hailu. These men have embraced and promoted the “Golden Rule” Initiative globally.

Over the years, Dr. Clyde Rivers has won numerous impressive awards for his personal devotion to World Peace from world leaders such as former president of Mexico Vicente Fox and Dr. Alberto Santana of Peru, just to name a few.

Dr. Rivers has received an Honorary Doctorate in Leadership & Humanities from the LeConte University of the Republic Of Haiti. Obviously, near and dear to his heart is winning the Martin Luther King Legacy Of Peace Award from the Mayor of San Jose California.

Dr. Rivers vision has brought back the lost art of “Honor”. This action has earned Dr. Rivers the Respect of Distinguished Leaders, including Heads Of State, Dignitaries & Universities Worldwide.

“Every Individual Born In This World, Is Valuable To The World; And Especially Valuable To God”. -Dr. Clyde Rivers

Dr. Rivers is what we call today a “Visionary” because of his ability to see things that others can’t or refuse to see. He believes anything is possible with the right plan & execution, but it also must come from a place of good intentions.

Dr. Clyde Rivers is actually Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers. He is an Ambassador at Large from the Republic Of Burundi, Africa (appointed by the President Of Burundi, Africa). This honor is one he doesn’t take lightly. Being the Director of the Interfaith Peace-Building movement allows him to travel around the world meeting with everyone from Kings to Indian Chiefs.

Ambassador Clyde Rivers devotion to Love & Peace is rarely seen today from a “Common Man” like him. Sitting down and talking with him over dinner, I realized that us “Common Men” in the world can do great things if we really put our minds to it. The honor was truly mine to be invited to the launching of the World Civility Day this past Spring. There I was able to meet Dr. Clyde Rivers and hear his Awesome keynote speech.

Once strangers with a common cause, but now we are friends / brothers for Peace, and share a Love for Humanity. We need more people like you Ambassador Rivers, to continue to “Shake Up & Wake Up” society; because we as intelligent people must do more.

“Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated” is a statement that really says it all; it’s just that simple. I’m sure we will be hearing more from Ambassador Clyde Rivers Ph.D. and all of the amazing things in front of him this calendar year. Your work on our Capitol Hill in Washington DC, has not gone unnoticed; and our country owes you a huge pat on the back for it.

“Go In Peace” Ambassador Rivers and may the world understand your message; but most of all “Your Heart”.

Coach Tony Branch
Contributing writer to GLM